hi there! welcome! wow, you’ve found my blog. i mean, yeah, the link is literally there on my website, but it’s always a lovely surprise whenever someone clicks into it.

very much informal, i’d like to use this corner of the internet to publish some outtakes from my notes app, conversations with friends, and simply to practice writing and polishing ideas.

i often find that my ideas gain more clarity when i’m writing to someone, as compared to when i’m just blathering off in my own head. i think, and then i write about it, and writing about it helps me think about it better.

numerous times, it’s always been other people’s writing that has saved me from feeling alone, saved me from feeling unheard. i hope that by sharing some of my own thoughts, that i can similarly comfort and reassure the one who stumbles across them.

other than creative writing, i will also be talking about some things i’ve been studying, work i love, and projects i’ve been working on. please dm me on twitter if anything here has connected with you!