hi there, and welcome to my digital scrapbook! very much informal, i’d like to use this corner of the internet to present a curated set of outtakes from my notes app, as well as conversations with friends.

just like all the other creative disciplines i’ve explored, i often find that my ideas gain more clarity when i’m writing to someone, rather than just blathering off in my own head. at the end of the day, everything i do and make is to ask someone:

is this reaching you?
do you hear me?
please tell me you hear me
tell me you feel this too
tell me this made you feel

numerous times, it’s always been other people’s writing that has saved me from feeling alone, saved me from feeling unheard.

of course, other than creative writing, i will also be talking about some things i’ve been studying, work i love, and projects i’ve been working on. please dm me on twitter if anything here has connected with you!