hello, i'm ramy zhang | 嗨,我是张佳楠

who is ramy zhang?

my identity & purpose

a bit about me


i'm a 3rd year computer science and cognitive science double major student at the university of toronto, and currently project lead for uoft blueprint's pro bono project for sistema toronto, as well as administrative officer of our school's game design and development club (utGDDC).

previously, i interned as a founder's associate at opal to build out a community platform for people seeking focus, a software developer at U.CASH, a digital asset converter startup for the unbanked, as well as an innovation intern deloitte digital, where I worked on wearable prototyping.


i've been in the singing competition space since i was 11, winning both national and international awards. since then, i've moved towards finding a voice that's more my own. i've been a freelance topline writer and session vocalist for 3 years now, as well as a self-produced artist and lead vocalist of an incredible band, called the DMC. together, we have played in venues across north america, myself standing on stages in china as well.


games can make people feel heard in a world that can be very lonely. to me, they are the highest form of interactive multimedia art. for a year now, i have been learning how to develop games, implement game audio, and design sounds, along with many wonderful friends. i want to create things to comfort others, the same way my favourite games have comforted me. you can find some of my projects on my itch.io page.