Reality != Perception && Reality == Perception

Our perception is the interface with which we use to interact with reality.

The way our five senses work is totally arbitrary; we could’ve evolved to develop any other kind of random way to perceive the world around us. It’s kind of like how your desktop icon for Chrome is just an arbitrary image representation of the real logical software underpinning the browser.

Having the ability to see, smell, taste, touch and hear was just one of the possible pathways that ended up having the highest survival rate.

On a personal level, what this means is that your understanding of yourself, your identity, your personality and your capabilities is also completely arbitrary and separate from who you truly are.

So how do we figure out who we truly are?

You don’t.

Because you can’t.


Reality doesn’t matter because the only way for us to understand it is through our perception.

Therefore, our reality is literally just our perception.

This means that if your perception of yourself is that you’re intrinsically a dumb idiot who won’t ever amount to anything in life, that will literally be who you are – because your self-perception is the real you. You interpret your behaviour through the lens of your self-perception, therefore you are your self-perception.

It’s a sober realization – but it’s actually a lot more uplifting than you think.

Because here’s the thing – while you can’t change reality, and you can’t change your perception of reality, you can change your self-perception.


If through the eyes of someone else, you’re this amazing, capable, intelligent, and loving person, that means that by adopting that as your real self-perception, you will begin to interpret behaviours that match this new lens of who you are.

How to do this? Start with the behaviours, and then the perception will naturally follow.

In other words:


Special thanks to: Navid, mentor and director of The Knowledge Society.

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